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Cooperative Purchasing Contract

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Reliable Plant Maintenance 'RPM' is an awarded contractor for commercial and industrial HVAC maintenance, service & installation with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS-USA) through Master Agreement #230104 Trades,Labor & Material. RPM is proud to be the local, leading service provider for public entities provided in the McKinney area. This strategic partnership gives the public sector access to alternative method for purchasing industrial and commercial HVAC services. TIPS-USA offers members public agencies access to competitively procured purchasing contracts, alleviating the headache of duplicating the bidding process.

awarded TIPS Contracts:

Trades, Labor, and Materials (JOC): 23010402

Energy Water Efficiency Goods and Services (JOC): 23100202

Trades, Labor, and Materials (NON-JOC): 23010401

• Energy Water Efficiency Goods and Services (NON-JOC): 23100201


Increased value and control in procurement process

Shorter project execution with fewer hassles, change orders & lower costs

Local, best-in-class contractor

Quote Compliance Review provided by Lead Agency

Who Can Use:

K-12 Schools

Higher Education

Local & State Government

Native American Tribes


Available Pricing:

Maintenance, Repair & Installation:

Commercial Boilers

HVAC Chillers

Cooling Tower Services

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

And Much More…

Benefits of Cooperative Purchasing

Access to competitively procured contracts with quality vendors

Evaluated and awarded to responsive and responsible bidder

Savings of time and financial resources necessary to fulfill bid requirements

Assistance with purchasing process by qualified TIPS staff

Fast-Track Delivery Method


Minimizes Procurement Time & Cost

More Projects Completed On-Time and On-Budget

Cost Savings & Cost Visibility

When Permitted by TIPS Memberslaw and policy, instead of public entities and qualifying non-profits expending time, money, and resources on the extensive legal competitive procurement process, the use of TIPS, allows public entities to quickly select and purchase their preferred products or services from qualified, evaluated Vendors on an as-needed basis




The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative that leverages the purchasing power of governmental entities in all 50 states. Utilizing the TIPS cooperative contract, you can rely on an expedited contract procurement process. TIPS streamlines the procurement for members by developing RFPs and submitting them for competitive solicitations. For details on our rigorous process, please visit our page on how cooperative purchasing works.

Through Trades, Labor & Material Contract #230104, awarded reseller Reliable Plant Maintenance, we can deliver complete value in helping your buildings stay comfortable, healthy, and safe.

We work with state-of-the-art equipment and provide ongoing training for our technicians, all of whom are EPA and TDLR certified. We offer industrial HVAC design and industrial HVAC design services. We can effectively meet a wide range of commercial HVAC needs, including diagnostics, repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement of complete comfort systems. We facilitate the process every step of the way with open communication, documentation, and the professionalism your company deserves.

Lead Government Entity

Region 8 Education Service Center, a public governmental entity of the Texas Government Code, has publicly solicited and awarded an agreement for Trades, Labor and Materials Contract. These cooperative purchasing agreements are available via TIPS-USA to public agencies, governmental and educational entities, for further information see contract below, questions please contact, Contract Compliance Questions,

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