Motor Testing & Electrical Analysis

Electric motors and their inner components are vital for success in a variety of fields. It is common to find crews running machines with electric motors 24/7/365 for maximum production, energy efficiency, and workplace safety.

Doing so means business owners must engage with preventive measures to reduce downtime between projects. Our team at Reliable Plant Maintenance specializes in motor maintenance and troubleshooting. We bring cutting-edge technology and innovative devices to identify problems directly at the source.

Through scheduled testing, your team can enjoy better plan inspections and repair appointments around the equipment you use the most. RPM wants to see your business succeed—our goal is for you to thoroughly understand the status of electric motor health and life expectancy with tools for de-energized testing.

RPM gives you an inside look at rotors, coils, phases, grounds, and resistances to fix issues before they have a chance to occur. Even brand new machines that have just been installed can fail before a first-time startup. An off-line analysis is effective for systems that have stopped working, have parts coming back from repairs, or experience frequent use.

RPM specializes in designing, installing, and servicing commercial HVAC systems for businesses large and small across the Ft. Worth and Dallas area. Call us today to get started on your next project.

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