Refrigerant Analysis

Reliable Plant Maintenance provides in-house refrigerant testing in conjunction with our qualified refrigerant-testing laboratory will allow RPM to assess the condition of your refrigerant thoroughly and accurately.

Refrigerants must be closely monitored to ensure they are not degrading. Excess water, lube oil contamination, and acidity are all common but potentially serious problems seen in any refrigeration unit.

These problems are often intertwined, as excess water allowed to persist in a refrigerant will eventually create highly corrosive organic and inorganic acids. These acids can cause significant damage to a refrigeration system, resulting in costly maintenance.

High acidity can also be a strong indicator of compressor burnout, as the high temperatures generated in these conditions greatly accelerate acidic build-up. A refrigerant analysis is particularly useful when the refrigeration oil is tested in tandem, as this can provide vital information on the root cause of any detected issues.

Accurately identifying problems in the refrigeration system allows you to avoid costly equipment failures and maintain energy efficiency with your HVAC equipment.

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